What is the Concern?


Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil (sebum) and dead skin cells. It often leads to the formation of pimples,blackheads, whiteheads,cysts and nodules. Acne can occur at any age contrary to popular belief and is not confined to the teenage years. At least 25% of acne sufferers are first affected over  the age of 26 years, particularly women! The earlier acne is treated the better as this reduces the risk of scarring . There are a variety of treatments for treating acne . At the South William Clinic our medical team tailor your treatment to the type of acne and your individual needs

Common concerns

Persistent acne breakouts

Acne scars and hyperpigmentation

Oily skin and clogged pores

why it happens

Causes of Acne

Acne can occur due to a variety of factors, including:

Hormonal Changes

Puberty: Increased androgen levels stimulate oil production.

Menstrual Cycle: Hormonal fluctuations can cause breakouts.

Stress: Stress hormones can exacerbate acne.

Lifestyle and Environmental Factors

Diet: High glycemic foods and dairy can trigger acne.

Skincare Products: Comedogenic products can clog pores.

Pollution: Environmental pollutants can lead to clogged pores and inflammation.


Inherited Traits: Genetic predisposition to acne can influence its severity and duration.

How We Can Help

Treating Acne with Superficial Chemical Peels and Sciton BBL Laser

Our clinic offers effective treatments to address acne and improve skin clarity using superficial chemical peels and Sciton BBL laser.

Superficial Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use a solution to exfoliate the top layer of skin, revealing clearer, smoother skin underneath.

  • How It Works: The peel solution removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and stimulates skin regeneration.
  • Benefits: Reduces acne breakouts, diminishes acne scars, and improves skin texture.

Procedure: Quick treatment with minimal downtime, typically taking 30 minutes.

Treatment Process

Consultation: Comprehensive consultation to assess the severity and type of acne.

Personalized Plan: Customized treatment plan using chemical peels and/or Sciton BBL laser based on your skin needs.

Procedure: Performed by our skilled practitioners, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Post-Treatment Care: Detailed aftercare instructions and follow-up appointments to monitor progress and optimize results.


Effective Results: Significant reduction in acne breakouts and improvement in skin clarity.

Minimally Invasive: Non-surgical treatments with minimal downtime.

Long-Lasting Results: Sustained improvements in skin appearance and health.

smoother, firmer skin.

Safety and Expertise

Our team consists of experienced and certified medical practitioners who use FDA-approved technologies to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

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