Summer Skin Series: Feed your skin!

#SummerSkin Series Edition 1:
Feed your skin!

The key to maintaining a radiant and healthy glow this Summer is to replenish your skin with vital nutrients, antioxidants and peptides, all of which your skin really needs to look and feel beautiful. What are the key ingredients to great skin? How can I incorporate them into my skincare regime?

Vitamin A
Vitamin A plays an essential role in healthy skin. Vitamin A is an antioxidant so it helps combat free radical damage. It is great at treating pigmentation and it also helps stimulate collagen and Elastin.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C assists in energising the skin giving the appearance of a brighter complexion. Vitamin C strengthens the capillaries and helps reduce inflammation in our skin.

Peptides give an immediate lifting effect to the skin which helps create volume making the skin look younger and feel firmer.

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